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Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a way of being fully present with yourself and your body's wisdom. I offer one-on-one, hands-on Yoga Asana and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions as adjuncts to talk therapy to help you listen to the knowledge of your body and initiate your journey to self-healing.

YOGA ASANA reconnects your body, mind, and spirit and increases self-awareness, providing the knowledge you need to make changes in any or all areas of your life.


PHOENIX RISING YOGA THERAPY combines classical yoga with elements of contemporary client-centered and body-mind psychology. This practice can facilitate a powerful release of physical tensions and emotional blocks for a greater sense of personal integration. READ MORE

Sunrise on Nature


Many people find it easier to explore their inner life when they are physically active, such as walking in the out of doors because nature provides them with a soothing container for emotions and often acts as a gentle catalyst for awareness.


I'm happy to meet in a natural setting, such as Highland Park, to walk and talk instead of sitting in an office. This therapeutic option is available as Mother Nature allows, generally from May–October.

Shamanic Healing Practice

Shamanic Healing Practice

An age-old, universal approach to wholeness, Shamanism provides a pathway for you to connect with your inner wisdom and to retrieve lost parts of the self.


This Spirit-driven self-care practice includes deep relaxation, journeying inwardly for answers, and purposeful, guided connections with nature. The teachings from Spirit will be yours to use long after we complete our work together.

Native Drums
SoulCollage Workshops


Images are powerful and filled with layers of meaning. SoulCollage® allows you to mindfully engage with your inner self and connect with your inherent creativity and intuition in wondrous ways, even if you don't consider yourself creative. When combined with journaling and dialog, this practice leads to surprising insights. Once you have the know-how, you can do it at home, too.


Workshops are $40 and offered periodically to small groups. To see examples of SoulCollage cards, visit my Heartstrings SoulCollage Facebook page.

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